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Using wide angle lens – Creative Commons of the Week

This is a recurring topic where I pick a photo from the Creative Commons library and feature it as Creative Commons of the Week.

Photo by: Evan Finn | License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

I love the composition of this picture. The photographer took advantage of the huge distortion his wide angle lens would do to the photo and captured a perfect snapshot of a day at the festival.
The distortion gives it a “house of mirrors” effect and the Ferris wheel and food booths along with the girl’s smile makes me think of those childhood fun summer days.

The wide angle lens gives you the ability to take a photograph that visually includes more space than your eyes naturally do. For instance, if you close one eye and do a circle with your two hands and peek through them you will see the effect of a 50 mm lens in a regular film camera. A wide lens is usually a lens marked less than 35 mm. In the case of this picture, the photographer used a 10-24mm lens which is a very wide lens.
By giving you “more picture”, so to speak, it has to distort it around the edges so it all fits in a rectangle.

You can learn more about wide angle lens in Wikipedia.

Extreme wide angle lens are called fisheye lens and you can read more about it here but that’s a whole new can of worms.

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