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My Week in Pictures – 365V – V

I made it pass the first month without failing a day of Project 365. That is pretty cool, in my book!

This week in Paris the rainy days carried on their grey, gloomy work of depressing us all but wine, baguettes and friends are always a good antidote.

Taxis at night in Paris are becoming an unicorn. When you really need them there is no vacant one to be found. (I need unicorns a lot but end up always cooking beef steaks instead…)

Baguettes are one of the beautiful things in this city. There are bad, good and great baguettes. The most common kind are great ones! Oh, and the butter…

More “Sad Girls in Windows” photos for my set.

Wednesday was time for a crochet lesson with a friend at Mamie Gâteaux, a lovely tea and cake shop that looks like a dolls house.

My man’s hair is so great I had to get a picture of it, for posterity when he’s all white.

Just a robot in the desktop.

And Saturday was Steph’s birthday. Happy birthday girl!

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My Week in Pictures – 365V – IV

These photos are from last week, the fourth week of April and also of Project 365. This April has been a wet month. The temperatures are rising though, hopefully not past 25ºC – 77ºF, fingers crossed…

View from my kitchen window.

After doing the dishes.

Random photo of cat as a last resource.

Bored self portrait.

Awesome waterproof camera that I got from a friend last birthday.

Self portrait with Tobias.

Saturday we had tea and cake at Kooka Boora Café, an Australian coffee shop near Montmartre. Very nice place and friendly staff.

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Project 365

I take a photo a day as part of my Project 365. It helps me stay connected to the camera and my surroundings and forces me to produce photos even through dry creativity spells.

#243 - Self

It’s also a great way to look back at my year, once it’s concluded. I’m in my forth year and every time the year ends I look back at the photos an wonder how did it go so fast. I always remember doing what I’m doing in the pictures like it was yesterday.


Sure, you have to be a little crazy to commit yourself to taking one photo EVERY day but once you start you don’t want to stop. It helps if you have a drive to document your everyday life, to save all you can from the present. I have that since I was five so I’m OK. Hehe.


At first I couldn’t wrap my head around the “burden” so I made a trial of taking 31 photos in 31 days.
I loved the result very much but it was hard. It compelled me to be creative because, lets face it, our lives aren’t always consecutive photo opp moments.
But it’s my life, I should be true to what’s going on, or not going on. Sometimes I just had to take a picture of my cat and be happy I have one!


At this point, after four non consecutive years, I just cut myself some slack and skip some days. I prefer to do that than to put up a sub par photo. But I’m starting to think that is just an excuse not to be creative and it’s making me reevaluate my laziness.

#239 - Happy whatcha-ma-call-it

In this post I chose some examples of photos I wouldn’t have taken if I never started the Project.

Photos by: Gisela Francisco | All Rights Reserved

(technorati claim: RNE3BYFN9XTS)
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