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My Week in Pictures – 365V – VI

Sixth week!
I’m late again on posting these. I left my camera at some friends’ house and just got it back days later. Have to catch up with two 365V posts this week.

Lazy Sunday (small) hangover cure.

New beads in a row.

Holiday in France. Delicious sandwich at Pret a Manger.

Token cat photo of the week. Tobias was not surprised…

Scarf collection. (Yeah, I’m getting desperate for photo ideas.)

Lunch of eggs and cheese.

Dinner with friends (where my camera spent the next 3 days).

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About focus, life and work

Paris Spring

I stress about focus a lot. Crisp images are my goal, one day, when I can afford gear to make them.
I usually don’t use post production sharpen tools. I find that they cheapen the photo and only fool amateurs.

The problem with low-end equipment (aka, affordable DSLR and lenses) is that it’s not very sharp. You can try and use only that one aperture point where your favorite lens takes the crispest photos or, like me, you swallow your pride and keep on taking the best photo you can take.

To me, swallowing the pride and posting anything that isn’t perfect is very hard. But if I didn’t I would have no public photos and would have stop photographing a long time ago.

Making photos encourages you to learn and thrive and take better photos each time. It’s the ONLY WAY to learn. You never stop learning.

When I look back I’m very glad I didn’t stop. I’m glad everyday for not giving up the previous day. Everyday.

I’m just a gal trying to capture light with a machine. I’m not perfect and my machine is not perfect either but that’s not stopping me. And it should not stop you either.

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About feeds in blog posts

I choose to publish full text feeds on my site because I like to read blogs on a feed reader (aggregator) and I assume that other people like it too.

Let’s face it, the internet is huge and full of interesting things. There is no time to look at everything. That’s one of the reasons why people use feed readers. It’s a convenient application that allows you to read your favorite sites like a newspaper. You can be having your coffee in the morning and browsing what’s new in your circle of interests, easy!

As a rule I don’t subscribe to blog feeds that don’t publish the whole post. Why? Mainly because my internet attention span is very short. The only exceptions are blogs that have genuine interest to me AND publish a photo and a good part of the post.

A photo is crucial. It’s the hook. If I like the photo I’m likely to click on the article to see the whole post. But this is very rare in sites that don’t publish their full text feed (RSS or Atom). Most of them just let the Content Management System (WordPress, Blogger, etc..) publish an insignificant snippet of their post.

This is a shame because I quit following lots of talented and interesting people just because they cannot compete with all the other talented and interesting people in my “internet newspaper” that publish the whole thing.

I think people do this because they are afraid of republishing without their consent. Also, because they’re not used to use a feed reader.

My advice is, publish your full text feeds. Don’t be afraid to let others enjoy your work in whatever form they prefer. Odds are they love it and they will read it if you let them do it their way.

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