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Weekend in Belgium

One of the great things of living in Paris is the fact that you feel that Europe is your playground. Because Paris is in the middle of the EU you can just drive to very cool places in three or four hours.
This time we went for a little drive to meet our friend I. in Belgium. Although it was raining relentlessly and the sky was cloudy and I had to cover my camera because of the humidity it was a great weekend and I got some cool photos. Not as much as I hoped for but still, great weekend.

#136 - Gent, Belgium

in Gent, Belgium

The first two photos were taken in Gent, which is in the Flemish part of Belgium. To the untrained eye it almost looks like the Netherlands.

#137 - Mons, Belgium

Mons, Belgium

The next day I snapped some photos in Mons which is in the Walloon part of Belgium.
Belgium is a weird and fascinating place, I tell you what!

Mons, Belgium

** I’m having a hard time with the auto focus on my camera. I need to do some tests to see if the problem is in the camera or in the old 50mm lens. Rats! I really like my old lens… I hope I can fix this soon. **

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