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My Week in Pictures – 365V – V

I made it pass the first month without failing a day of Project 365. That is pretty cool, in my book!

This week in Paris the rainy days carried on their grey, gloomy work of depressing us all but wine, baguettes and friends are always a good antidote.

Taxis at night in Paris are becoming an unicorn. When you really need them there is no vacant one to be found. (I need unicorns a lot but end up always cooking beef steaks instead…)

Baguettes are one of the beautiful things in this city. There are bad, good and great baguettes. The most common kind are great ones! Oh, and the butter…

More “Sad Girls in Windows” photos for my set.

Wednesday was time for a crochet lesson with a friend at Mamie Gâteaux, a lovely tea and cake shop that looks like a dolls house.

My man’s hair is so great I had to get a picture of it, for posterity when he’s all white.

Just a robot in the desktop.

And Saturday was Steph’s birthday. Happy birthday girl!

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My Week in Pictures – 365V – IV

These photos are from last week, the fourth week of April and also of Project 365. This April has been a wet month. The temperatures are rising though, hopefully not past 25ºC – 77ºF, fingers crossed…

View from my kitchen window.

After doing the dishes.

Random photo of cat as a last resource.

Bored self portrait.

Awesome waterproof camera that I got from a friend last birthday.

Self portrait with Tobias.

Saturday we had tea and cake at Kooka Boora Café, an Australian coffee shop near Montmartre. Very nice place and friendly staff.

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Chinese New Year Parade – Year of the Dragon – Paris 2012

Chinese New Year Parade 2012

For the past two years I tried to go to the Chinese New Year Parade in Paris and never made it. This year I did. It was so much fun! Lot’s of color, texture, people and a general feeling of energy.
It was very, very cold but it was worth it.

Chinese New Year Parade 2012

Chinese New Year Parade 2012

Chinese New Year Parade 2012

Chinese New Year Parade 2012

Chinese New Year Parade 2012

You can see the whole lot of photos here and download a free iPhone wallpaper here. Enjoy!

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My Paris Photo of the Day


Rue des Barres is a little cobblestone street very near Île Saint-Louis. It’s charming and it has a few nice shops. The church you see up the street is the St-Gervais-et-St-Protais Church that, according to Wikipedia, has a very good french baroque style organ. I must check it out one of these days.

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My Paris Photo of the Day

I love the café culture in Paris. In particular when the sun is out and we feel like we have all the time in the world.

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My Paris Photo of the Day

#206 - Choux at Pâtisserie des Rêves

Last weekend some friends and I went to “Pâtisserie des Rêves” (literally, “Dream Pastries”) to have some french pastries and tea. I loved it. My life long love of baked goods tells me that I need to go back again.

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First photos using two polarizing filters as a neutral density filter

Aka “Homemade” Neutral Density Filter

Pont Saint-Michel

View of Pont Saint-Michel, Paris.

In the beginning of the month I wrote about Neutral Density Filters and how expensive it was to get them shipped to France so I decided to follow this article that talked about creating your own with two polarizing filters. I ordered the filters and they arrived safely to my door last week. Yay! for post office efficiency!

Île de la Cité

Woman walking in Île de la Cité, Paris.

Last weekend I tried them on and this is what I learned:

- You will need a “Circular Polarizing Filter” and a “Linear Polarizing Filter”. I got mine at eBay for about €29 from 2 different vendors. The “CPF” was €20 and if from a German brand named Hoya and the “LPF” was €9 and is made by Rowi;

- You have to screw them to your lens in the correct order -> First the “CPF” and then the “LPF”, or else it doesn’t work;

- Mount your camera in a tripod – You will need this because you’re about to do very long exposures;

- Focus your camera, switch it to manual focus after, if you use Auto Focus;

- Turn the filters until you get your viewfinder black, like you would get if you had your lens cap on;

- Switch the camera to manual and start experimenting. -> For these first photos you can see here I used 30 seconds exposures with a small aperture. I could have opted to do shorter exposures with a wider aperture but that would defeat the purpose, which was to have the buildings in focus while the movement of the people (and the water, in the Saint-Michel bridge) was captured and did a sort of “swoosh effect” (this is a technical term, “swoosh”…);

- As expected, the color aberrations where severe. I had to apply a black and white blue filter in post processing. Surprisingly though, not much more needed postprocessing. I’m very happy with the first results!

#193 - Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris filled with people walking by.

Alas, it started to rain so I had to pack up my gear. Next time I’ll try to do it on a dryer day.

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My Paris Photo of the Day


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Weekend in Belgium

One of the great things of living in Paris is the fact that you feel that Europe is your playground. Because Paris is in the middle of the EU you can just drive to very cool places in three or four hours.
This time we went for a little drive to meet our friend I. in Belgium. Although it was raining relentlessly and the sky was cloudy and I had to cover my camera because of the humidity it was a great weekend and I got some cool photos. Not as much as I hoped for but still, great weekend.

#136 - Gent, Belgium

in Gent, Belgium

The first two photos were taken in Gent, which is in the Flemish part of Belgium. To the untrained eye it almost looks like the Netherlands.

#137 - Mons, Belgium

Mons, Belgium

The next day I snapped some photos in Mons which is in the Walloon part of Belgium.
Belgium is a weird and fascinating place, I tell you what!

Mons, Belgium

** I’m having a hard time with the auto focus on my camera. I need to do some tests to see if the problem is in the camera or in the old 50mm lens. Rats! I really like my old lens… I hope I can fix this soon. **

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My Paris Photo of the Day


I like the way the passerby just mashed with the background. I chose to use a high contrast black and white to give it a more “street” feel.

This was taken in Place de la Bastille in the beginning of Boulevard Richard Lenoir.

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