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My Week in Pictures – 365V – X

Tenth week in pictures.

We had breakfast for dinner in an American diner in Paris. It was pretty yummy and the staff is nice.

I took a blurry picture of Tobias.

Photographed a detail of the kitchen window.

Took a photo of Pablo.

Went to the movies at Forum Les Halles. I didn’t like the movie.

Started to read a great comic.

Watched the “Portugal Vs Germany” soccer game in a café with friends and had fun despite the fact that the Portuguese lost.

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My Week in Pictures – 365V – IX

Here we go, the previous week in photos. I’ll try to be good and post this past week next Monday, as god intended.

Sunday was Telmo’s birthday. Happy birthday dear!

Monday we got treated to a surprise Ukrainian birthday dinner by our Canadian friends.

Tuesday, Chih-Chun and I plotted a crochet monkey over coffee.

Wednesday it was as hot as hell.

Thursday, Wilmie and I hunted for a pan in which she can boil her fimo sushi.

Friday I started the above mentioned monkey. It’s going ok, fingers crossed.

Saturday Telmo and I strolled around Pont des Arts. It was a great day out!

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My Week in Pictures – 365V – VIII

Trying to catch up. Still the week before last.

One of the books I’m trying to tackle right now. I’m finding it difficult to put the digital kingdom down and pick the books up. Must divise a strategy. The one I have right now isn’t working.

Green leaves out the window.

Trying to elevate my mood by painting the nails red. Also ended up doing some weight lifting. It worked, somewhat.

Pizza, because pizza.

Around Beaubourg, having lunch outside.

Coffee time with a friend around the neighborhood.

On Saturday we went out to celebrate Jean-Baptiste’s birthday. Happy birthday dude!

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Avoiding Purple Fringing

This week, because I used a very wide aperture (f1.7, f2.5) and the light is very bright right now in the day time, some of the photos I took got an unattractive purple fringing. I just noticed it after several photos and got a little mad with myself because I wasn’t paying enough attention.

Purple Fringing

Purple fringing is that sort of light “specter” you get on the edges of photographed subjects where the bright light and the shadows meet.

Purple Fringing zoom in

You can avoid that unappealing aberration if you use a narrow aperture when the light is very bright. It will give you longer depth of field (your background is going to be more in focus than with a wide aperture) but it will give you a crisper image with less chromatic aberrations around the edges.

To do that turn you camera to Aperture Priority Mode (turn your mode dial to “A”) and set the aperture (f value) to f11 or smaller (the higher the f value, the narrower the aperture).

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My Week in Pictures – 365V – VII

Catching up. This is the week before last, in pictures.
I missed three days because I took pictures with a secondary camera and they disappeared from the memory card. Yay… :(

Boulevard Exelmans, walking home from the metro.


My online shop was launched. I will talk more about it later.


All in all, not the best week so far.

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